Thursday, 10 January 2013

Lazy days

The Xmas holidays have been fabulous.
We have simply done nothing. I mean literally nothing.
We had planned a jam packed itinerary,
with a wish list from the kids.
Luna Park, Zoo, the movies & bowling just to name a few.
The only item we managed was the zoo!
Terrible, I know.

Lazy days did allow me to indulge in some knitting though.
With the machine packed away to accommodate Xmas
Boo, yes my dining room is my craft room :(
My fingers were itching to do something.

With the early arrival of my niece (see last post)
I thought a little knit might be called for.
It has been completed & delivered
& I am happy to announce the wee little one is home!
She is doing so well, considering her little drama into the world.
Today we went to have a loooong cuddle. Ooh made me clucky.

I am rather proud of my effort.
First time I've used circular needles AND double pointed..

Isn't she just sweet.

Well the knit, seemed to entice my mojo
& I have now started a new knit for Miss E.
I figured if I start now, surely I can manage completion before winter.
That's a 6 month head start!

Lazy holidays no more, I actually have a paid job (gasp)
to complete & with only 3 weeks before school resumes,
it's going to be tricky to find free time without little people under my feet.
Sadly it also means not much craft will happen, so I might be a little absent sorry.
I promise I'll try to check in with progress of my knit
or even some antics my kids have been up to!

Hope to see you soon.


  1. Glad to hear your niece is doing well. Love the knit and colour! We have been opposite and done everything but the zoo! Looking forward to a rest when hubby back at work next Good luck with the job!

  2. circular needles? not so hard huh!?! go you!!
    glad your niece is doing well and hope all goes well with the paid work :D

  3. Look at you go miss knitter:) Well done.
    Good luck with the paid work and glad to hear that your niece is doing well and home.


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