Thursday, 23 May 2013

And then it was 5.

She made it.
Miss E survived the first 5 years.
There were times I didn't think she would!
But she did.

And can I say, she has blossomed
into a beautiful, loving, kind friend, daughter & sister.
I miss my wee girl, but I'm looking forward to the 'big' girl stage.

She was rather spoilt
(as should every child be on their birthdays)
& loved each & every present.
Especially the hand made.
The pig was better received than I ever imagined.
Even the big kid Mr X loves it.
Of course the favourite was the nightie she requested.

I tricked her & told her I hadn't 'bought' her a nightie.
Expecting a grumble & whinge, instead I got a mature
"That's ok Mummy, maybe for my 6th b'day".
Excuse me but what happened to my child?
She grew up all of a sudden...
The look on her face was priceless when she opened up
to discover a 'handmade' nightie.
"You tricked me" was all she said with a grin.

Look at that face!

A high tea party was had with special friends.
I have never seen anything so adorable.
Miss E was head of the table & presented with her very own crown.
Everyone left high on sugar in fairy dresses with fun & giggles.

A rainbow butterfly birthday cake was requested.
As per usual, Mr D made the cake.
He scratched his head about how to make it,
until I showed him the layered cake!

Miss E was politely disappointed
there was no rainbow butterfly cake.
(Once again a mature response!)
The sugared butterfly's on top didn't quite cut it apparently.
However, when it came time to cut the cake,
a big grin spread across her tiny face followed with
"You tricked me daddy".
Aren't we awful!!

So now I'll leave you with Miss Piggy in action.
In the throws of child birth, via cesarean section!

After a hard & long birth those piglets deserved a suckle.

Here they are with they're farm yard friends.
Just an idea of scale for you to understand the size of this sow.

& here she is exhausted after a days play at kinder.
(Yes she was taken along for show & tell)

There wasn't much room for Miss E in the bed!
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Thursday, 16 May 2013

PJ's for winter

As I was so happy with my nightie efforts last month,
I thought it only fitting to craft some more sleep wear.
This time a simple top & bottom in cosy flannel
for these cold wintery nights. Brrr.
 Once again another easy pattern from Butterick.
Although it was an easy pattern to follow,
I wasn't entirely happy with the outcome.

The neckline was a bit gap-py &
when I tried to close the hole with a tighter elastic,
so it was more snug around the neck,
it pulled the arm pits too high
creating a smaller gap for Miss E's arm pits.
I ended up making it slightly looser, but as I said, not happy with the outcome.

Typically the pants are too long. Yes Miss E is a shorty!
The sleeves I cheated as I ran out of patience
& Miss E nagging me to 'finish' them, so I ditched the frill
& simply elasticated the wrists.
I do wish I'd persisted as it would have been a nicer finish.

I was planning to make the nightie as Miss E has been requesting,
but I don't think I'm going to bother with this pattern.

Regardless of detail, the little Miss is happy, cosy &
as she says, they're so so warm!

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Thursday, 2 May 2013

This Little Piggy

This little piggy is nearly 5.
As my last post mentioned, I have been busy creating
for this up-coming b'day.

I haven't quite come to terms with
this little wonder having a milestone b'day.
I mean 5, really!!
Did I miss something along the way,
cos I still feel like she is my little baby.

Yes well, looking at this photo, clearly not!
I can hear you all saying 'Is that lipstick?'
The answer would be yes...
My sweet, cuddly, challenging, beautiful girl
loves everything girlie.
Sooooo not like her mother.

Long story short, we had some 'girl' time over the weekend
which consisted of the 2 of us tucked away in a quiet corner,
with the CD playing non other than Justine Clarke.
We passed the time with painting nails, creating fun hair
& the more important dash of makeup.
She nearly jumped out of her skin when I allowed red lipstick to be applied.

I guess it's a small glimpse of what will come
when those dreaded teenage years arrive...
Until then, I'm quite happy to hang onto my little cherub a little longer
& deny she is turning 5.

So that brings me to my point!
Yes I did have one. In fact a crafty one.
With my denial well intact, I felt that although she was reaching
the heights of being a fully fledged kid,
she still deserved some plush loving that comes in the form of
this little piggy!

 Or 6 that may be.
I found this uber cute pattern from the very clever
& crafty LiEr over at ikat bag.
I have yet to complete the last 5% of the mummy pig,
(she took a lot of stuffing, so a trip back to Spotlight is required)
so will blog once it's all done, cos it's too cute not to share.

Basically, you create one mammoth mummy pig,
complete with 6 little teats, for her super cute little piglets to suckle on.
The best part is, they all squeeze inside her tummy via c-section!
Mummy pig has a zipper in her belly to stow away those
uber cute pink balls of fuzz.

I'll be back soon to show you the finished project.
Don't you think every little girl needs a family of pink piggies?
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Friday, 26 April 2013


This post has been a loooong time coming...
This year has seemed to disappear on me
& before I know it, May has nearly arrived.

There has been multiple reasons for my absence.
Too boring to mention here, but here I am finally.

I have barely done any craft this year,
since the machine got packed away at Xmas time
to make way for guests who required eating at the dining table !!

Some projects got the final finishing touches,
such as Master X's pillow.
Yay, he said. I think the look on his face says it all really.
Maybe more on that soon.

Some pompom making happened & we bombed our beautiful magnolia & birch trees.
The kids had an awesome time making endless balls of fluff.
It was a nice therapeutic way to spend time quietly with the kids.
Some knitting is still on the needles to go around the trunk.
If it's anything to go by this year, it may take some time yet
before it makes it outdoors!
The smallest person loves nothing better
than 'wacking' them each time he walks past.

What I wanted to post about today is my first finished project
that I have completed for 2013.

Miss E's b'day is next month & so it has prompted me to get my butt into gear.
A nightie has been requested recently!
 I'm not sure where the desire to acquire one has come from,
but needless to say, I have heard enough requests to warrant making one.

I left the sleeve & hem with a rolled hem finish.

There was nothing in the shops that I felt was appropriate for her age
& that didn't have damn Disney characters or some other ugly licensed graphics.
So off to Spotlight to purchase a pattern & fabric
(my first visit there all year!! I told you I had fallen off the wagon)

This pattern was super easy & I'd recommend for sure.

I made the one with long sleeves.
I did buy another pattern, which I will hopefully attempt to make
between now & the b'day.
Maybe I'll be posting again soon!

Can I just say, I was happily jumping hoops when I completed this nightie.
I have had bad relationships with patterns.
(go figure, I can draft an entire building using Autocad,
but struggle to understand patterns)
This one was very clearly written & easy to follow
& came together beautifully.
I am a complete novice to sewing clothes, so was quietly pleased
with my efforts. Lets hope Miss E likes my efforts too.

Whilst I was here, thought I'd join the others over at
My Creatvie Space seeing as it's been a while.

Thursday, 10 January 2013

Lazy days

The Xmas holidays have been fabulous.
We have simply done nothing. I mean literally nothing.
We had planned a jam packed itinerary,
with a wish list from the kids.
Luna Park, Zoo, the movies & bowling just to name a few.
The only item we managed was the zoo!
Terrible, I know.

Lazy days did allow me to indulge in some knitting though.
With the machine packed away to accommodate Xmas
Boo, yes my dining room is my craft room :(
My fingers were itching to do something.

With the early arrival of my niece (see last post)
I thought a little knit might be called for.
It has been completed & delivered
& I am happy to announce the wee little one is home!
She is doing so well, considering her little drama into the world.
Today we went to have a loooong cuddle. Ooh made me clucky.

I am rather proud of my effort.
First time I've used circular needles AND double pointed..

Isn't she just sweet.

Well the knit, seemed to entice my mojo
& I have now started a new knit for Miss E.
I figured if I start now, surely I can manage completion before winter.
That's a 6 month head start!

Lazy holidays no more, I actually have a paid job (gasp)
to complete & with only 3 weeks before school resumes,
it's going to be tricky to find free time without little people under my feet.
Sadly it also means not much craft will happen, so I might be a little absent sorry.
I promise I'll try to check in with progress of my knit
or even some antics my kids have been up to!

Hope to see you soon.